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ISO 22301

ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System

What Is ISO 22301:2019?

ISO 22301 is the Business Continuity Management System standard(BCMS). Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) It has been built to protect enterprises from downtime-related threats that may arise due to unexpected disturbances or disasters. Revenue loss, data risk breakdowns and failure to provide normal customer services as per service level agreements (SLAs) will result in disruptions to your company. A organization will be driven by Business Continuity Management Systems certification on how best to prepare for such eventualities.

The BCM standard is designed to ensure that a robust business continuity management system has been established, and that internal staff members are fully aware of their role within the system should an incident occur.

Benefits Of ISO 22301:2019

  • Maximize quality and performance 

  • Flexibility during interruptions 

  • Competitive gain 

  • Organizational change 

  • Continual internal enhancement by audits 

  • Legal and compliant with regulations 

  • Cost reduction 

  • Maintain acceptable standards of client delivery 

  • Reinforce the internal management 

  • Reputational administration

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