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ISO 34700

ISO/TS 34700:2016 Animal Welfare Management

General Requirements And Guidance For Organizations In The Food Supply Chain

As animal welfare is becoming increasingly important in society, ISO/TS 34700:2016 defines the requirements and guidelines for implementing the animal welfare principles. ISO/TS 34700:2016 covers terrestrial animals that are bred or kept for the purpose of producing food or feed.

ISO/TS 34700:2016 covers five freedom aspects of animal welfare under human control, which are listed below:

  • Freedom from hunger, malnutrition and thirst

  • Freedom from fear and distress

  • Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort

  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease

  • Freedom to express normal patterns of behavior

This standard is intended to assist users in conducting gap analysis and building animal welfare plan that is aligned with the OIE TAHC.

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