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ISO 55001

ISO 55001:2014 Asset Management System

ISO 55001:2014

ISO 55001 was published in January 2014 and sets out basic criteria not only for the implementation and preservation of an asset, but also for the enhancement of that asset through an asset management framework. This builds on PAS55, which has an established track record in the utility industries in particular. ISO 55001 is intended to extend this strategy to other markets, enabling all organizations to benefit from it.

It is intended to provide an Asset Management System (AMS) with structure and direction for risk management and reduction, while benchmarking performance in all sectors and enhancing financial performance in line with organizational growth strategies.


Benefits Of ISO 55001:2014

  • Enhanced financial results 

  • Competent investment decisions on assets 

  • Successful centralized control of risks 

  • Improved resilience and continuity 

  • Enhanced services and results 

  • Demonstrated social liability 

  • Demonstrated compliance with regulations 

  • Strengthened integrity 

  • Improved satisfaction for customers and stakeholders 

  • Enhanced sustainability of enterprise 

  • Enhanced effectiveness and performance

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