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ISO 30409 Human Resource Management Guidelines on Workforce Planning

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

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ISO 30409:2016 provides guidelines and a framework for workforce planning that

are scalable to the needs of any organization regardless of size, industry or sector.

Organizations of all sizes are in need of workforce planning advice and support to

enable industry, organizations and businesses to advance their workforce planning

capabilities and to respond more effectively to the current and projected demands

of the labor market. Workforce planning can allow people to know the current and

future talent requirements of an organization, which betters the hiring process and

future workforce. ISO 30409:2016 identifies is “job criticality”. This classifies the roles

by their level of importance to the organization, which can facilitate an efficient

allocation of resources.

Benefits of implementing ISO 30409:

  • Improvement in workforce planning;

  • Better information on the implementation and monitoring of workforce

  • planning;

  • Better knowledge of the recommendations of workforce planning in HR

  • management.

  • Improved Employee Relations

  • Improved Employee Training and Development

  • Identification of critical resources (human and other)

  • Clear understanding of organizational goals by the entire workforce

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