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ISO 45001Occupational Health And Safety Management Systems Certification

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

ISO 45001 is a family of standards relating to the Occupational health & safety. It establishes requirements for an Occupational Health & safety Management System (OH&S) and is based on the continuous improvement model PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). An effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System promotes a safe and healthy working environment.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Management System

  • Eliminates or minimizes risk to employees

  • Contributes in a healthier and safer working environment

  • Demonstrates confidence in your organization

  • Reduces downtime risks through on-site accidents

  • Ensures legislative and regulatory compliance

  • Reduces the likelihood of prosecutions and fines Established trust and credibility

  • Reduced complaints

  • Reassures customers who take an active interest in environmental performance that they are working with a company which promotes a shared environmental ethic.

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